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Style:breakbeat, house, downtempo

Bio: Born in Florida in the late 70's, Sneak-E Pete was raised listening to the sounds of disco and freestyle as he grew up. As a teenager he began collecting funk, hiphop, and breakbeat records, and eventually decided to attend college in upstate New York. He soon began DJing, and producing memorable underground raves and club events in the town of Ithaca. His sound was a mix of funky and electro breakbeats, performing regularly all over the East Coast. He was also introduced to Mike DeVellis, and began performing live DJ sets alongside Mike's saxophone.
Pete soon moved to Brooklyn, NY and teamed up with Scottie B to form Blunted Funk Recordings. He produced a series of weekly and monthly events in NYC, most notably a three year residency at the infamous Halcyon lounge to host a weekly show on Groovetech.com. After many trips out West, he decided it was time to bring the Blunted Funk sound to San Francisco.
Currently, Sneak-E Pete hosts a few monthly events in San Francisco, and has synched up with long-time friend Anthony Mansfield to host 'Sick Moves' on Samurai.FM. He's also been spending more time in the studio, creating remixes and original music for Blunted Funk. Pete teamed up with Anthony Mansfield to remix Quincy Jointz "Lazy" for Aniligital Music in '08 and recently signed a tune to the Pig Balls label in Sweden.

for bookings email: bookings@dankfunk.com

for more on pete check out:

samuri.fm or
pete's myspace

blunted funk releases:
BF002: Sneak-E Pete & Miss Bliss "Electrofunk"
BFB002: Dupont Labs EP
BF011: Mike DeVellis "Introlecution EP" (AMSP rmx)
BF013: Mike DeVellis "Alkaline Metal" (AMSP rmx)

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