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Style:house, drum & bass

Bio: Jonathan "Jon [s]" Shulman -best known as PROPER VILLAINS- is an artist, producer, engineer, turntablist and multi-instrumentalist. His unique musical sensibility combines syncopated poly-rhythms and punishing low-end with elements of hip-hop, soul, house, blues, electro, dub, and disco.
Jon spent his teenage years moonlighting in several local punk/metal/industrial bands. He became intrigued by underground house and drum ní bass and the sounds of early 90ís dance music via mixtapes and late-night college radio. He took up DJing in the summer of 1998.
In December of 1999, Jon moved back to Manhattan to attend New York University. He jumped headfirst into the cityís music culture; juggling classes, DJing, and part-time jobs at various record labels, music magazines and record distributors. Any spare time leftover was spent dabbling in his rather makeshift home studio. Noticing a distinct lack of local production talent in the NYC drum ní bass scene, Jon decided to take a more serious approach to production.
April of 2003 marked Jonís debut release, "Roller-Rink/Latin dub" on Music-First records, a sub-label of Back2Basics, UK. Jon has also released singles on Big-H Recordings, done remix work for Sponge Recordings, released several successful white-label bootleg records, and has material forthcoming on Cymbalism and Terraformat Recordings.
Jon has also produced music with Scottie B on the house tip, as he continues to expand his already broad musical horizons.

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blunted funk releases:
BF012 - Jon [S] & Scottie B 'Negative Space EP'
BF014 - Scottie B & Proper Villains 'Blue Ribbon EP'

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